Girls’ Soccer

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See MaxPreps online for additional schedule and field location details: Varsity — JV — Frosh/Soph
2014-2015 Bay League Standings
PVPHS Soccer Photos on Shutterfly
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Schedules and Results

TEAM Selection: use menu button at top/right of schedule below to view VARSITY or JUNIOR VARSITY schedule. Above schedule is updated automatically with coach-provided data from CIF.  


Girls Soccer Rosters_2015-16

Coaches and Athletic Staff

Scotte Massey, Head Coach
Allison Ruvalcaba, Assistant Varsity Coach
Rachelle Chavez, Assistant Varsity Coach
Megan Mahoney, Junior Varsity Coach
Magili Blazevic, Frosh/Soph Coach

Wendell Yoshida, Athletic Director –
Rhonda Huffman, Head Trainer
Scott Gaines, Asst. Trainer

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